Thieves Strip Truck Dropped Off At Arizona Auto Shop

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A Chevy Silverado that was dropped off at an auto shop in Queen Creek, Arizona was stripped of its wheels and sound system by some enterprising thieves. The shop called the customers asking if they took the wheels themselves in a display of Sherlock Holmes-level of deductive reasoning.

Auto shops and dealerships need better security.

There’s so much to unpack about this story which was run by 12 News in Arizona. The truck, which was parked at the shop, got stripped of those valuable parts and the shop says it’s not responsible. We know a lot of auto centers that keep vehicles overnight park them inside or in a secure lot, but at this place that apparently doesn’t happen.

Since it was a Firestone location, the local news station called the media line for the parent company repeatedly, leaving messages each time. But Bridgestone decided to just ignore 12 News because that makes your company look super not culpable.

The customers are pretty upset and understandably so. Not only did the Firestone shop refuse to cover any of the stolen items, claiming none of it was the fault of the business, the customers say they didn’t get so much as an apology. In fact, they told 12 News someone there told them the situation was just like if your car got its wheels and stereo stolen while you were parked at Walmart.

We’re not attorneys and we’re not about to hand out legal advice, but that kind of reasoning sounds sketchy. In the meantime, the owners of the Silverado say it might set them back $4,000 to replace everything stolen.

The couple is filing an insurance claim with the hope their policy will cover everything. It might be their only hope at this point.

Where you take your vehicle to be repaired absolutely matters because when something like this happens, you might regret your decision.

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