Crappy Jeep Slips Several Police PITs

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Several years ago, some executives at Jeep or maybe Fiat Chrysler got the horrible idea of churning out a bunch of crappy crossovers for real cheap. They were supposed to seduce away shoppers who would normally buy a Ford Escape, Nissan Rogue, Honda CR-V, or something else similarly awful and unexciting. As a result, Jeep’s respected name got more than a little tarnished. But watching one of these awful vehicles slip out of several PIT attempts made by Georgia State Police makes us think.

Watch another amazing chase involving a suspect in a Jeep here.

Perhaps Jeep and FCA should’ve used footage like this to sell these basic people movers disguised as off-road rigs. After all, this slush bucket we’d normally pay zero attention to really holds its own in this chase. That’s probably due to driver skill, but still.

The chase started when a trooper’s plate reader got a ping on the Jeep’s tags which should’ve been on a Hyundai instead. They were also expired. Big mistake.

After starting on more major roads, the suspect decides to try snaking around on residential streets. Somehow, the speed humps in a neighborhood don’t really slow the suspect or trooper down. Crazy, right? We thought those made speeding next to impossible or something.

This chase is way more intense than it should be. We feel like the suspect in the Jeep should’ve had a legitimate career as a race car driver instead of boosting crappy Jeeps for a living. This guy could make your grandma’s grocery getter feel exciting. Sure, he’ll beat the thing an inch from its life, but the ride would be entertaining.

During the chase, the suspect keeps getting loose and slipping out of PIT attempts. He even gets pitted pretty hard and is able to keep his composure and just drive away. Who knew these cruddy little Jeeps were this tough? Just what universe is this happening in?

Eventually he gets caught, but that’s not the important part. Instead, it’s the entertaining chase along the way that makes this video worth the watch.

Maybe with better marketing, the Jeep whatever crap bucket could’ve been the vehicle of choice for criminals instead of Dodge Chargers. Just think about the possibilities. Instead, Jeep and FCA dropped the ball and these things tanked the brand. Sad.

Anyway, watch the video for yourself, it’s a real nail biter.

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