Underglows and Uppity Teens: The Wildest Car News This Week

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In an era when every scroll through your news feed offers a blend of the momentous and the mundane, the automotive world never ceases to astonish with its blend of the wacky and the worrisome. From Arkansas thrill-seekers adding flair to their getaways with underglow kits, to a Florida woman turning her escape into a real-life action scene, and even a Minneapolis officer delving into the risqué realm of OnlyFans — there’s never a dull moment in car news. Whether it’s a testament to human innovation or a sign of our unpredictable nature, these headlines from the auto world are a clear indicator: when it comes to cars, both on the road and off, expect the unexpected. Join us as we rev up the engine and dive into the most peculiar and entertaining automotive headlines from the past week.

Dodge Challenger With Underglow Kit Runs From Arkansas Police

We don’t see many underglow kits these days even though thanks to LED lighting technology they’re easier to install and are more durable than those kits of yesteryear. Then we ran across this video of a Dodge Challenger with a purple underglow kit turned on leading Arkansas troopers on a chase that punches past 150 mph, it’s just amazing.
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British Man Kidnapped By His Chinese EV

In what sounds like the plot from some early 2000s science fiction movie, a man in the UK claims his MG ZS EV malfunctioned and kidnapped him. He had to navigate around obstacles on the road as the electric car continued accelerating out of control, finally crashing into a police vehicle to get it to stop.
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Communist EV Company Is Bleeding Cash

VinFast, a Vietnamese electric car company which has set up shop in North Carolina, is bleeding an astounding amount of cash. That’s not only interesting because many EV startups are in peril, but also it’s noteworthy considering the communist-owned automaker received the largest subsidy ever handed out by the state of North Carolina.
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Owner Says Valet Took His C8 Corvette For Joyride

There seems to be quite the problem with valets taking high-performance cars for joyrides. It was a thing of pure suspicion back in the day, as hilariously portrayed in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but in this age of dashcams and other technology, it can be proven with cold, hard facts. That’s exactly what the owner of a brand new C8 Corvette has after a valet took his sports car for a raucous joyride.
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Teen Speeding In Daddy’s Mustang Cusses Out Arizona Deputy

Many people from around the US and even in foreign countries follow Pinal County Sheriff Deputy Frank Sloup thanks to his popular Fridays With Frank video series. Even though Deputy Sloup is affable and cracks a lot of jokes, he also takes traffic enforcement seriously. Sometimes that raises the ire of entitled individuals like this teenager who allegedly was blasting through a construction zone in daddy’s Ford Mustang.
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Florida Woman Flees Car Accident With Victim On Her Hood

A 76-year-old Florida woman has been arrested and charged after she drove two miles with a pedestrian on her car’s hood. What’s more, the driver is accused of hitting the victim first, then fleeing the scene and going up to 50 mph, allegedly all in an effort to not get in trouble.
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Man Plays Welcome To The Jungle While Crashing Into Police Station

When Welcome to the Jungle starts playing while we’re driving, things can get a little interesting. One man in New Jersey apparently used the old rock anthem as inspiration or maybe to pump himself up before driving his car through the exterior wall of a police station. Prosecutors say the incident was no accident.
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Utah Head-On Crash Shows You Always Have To Be Ready

We can’t count how many times people have exclaimed how boring driving is. For many it’s a chore they’d rather avoid, like doing the dishes or folding laundry. Unfortunately, unlike those other two tasks, treating driving too casually can lead to a fatal tragedy in mere seconds. A great example of how quickly things can go sideways on the road has been shared by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.
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Minneapolis Cop Outed For Having OnlyFans Account

We get it, being a cop in Minneapolis is about as thankless a job as one can get these days. But we’re not sure if that justifies an officer maintaining an OnlyFans account. She kept that sordid detail hidden from her superiors, allegedly, until a man who was pulled over by the officer realized he was one of her subscribers.

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