Utah Man Places Tracking Device On Unmarked Police Vehicle

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He’s reportedly a serial drunk driver, too.

A man in Lehi, Utah is in hot water after he was caught on surveillance footage placing a tracking device on an unmarked police sergeant’s vehicle. However, local station KUTV claims this same man has been pulled over under the influence multiple times and has a revoked license, yet still continues driving, flouting state law openly.

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The accused serial drunk driver, 60-year-old Doug Griffith, drives a pretty sweet 2023 GMC Sierra with plenty of aftermarket goodies added. He seems to live in a nice house and has posted bail several times, according to the KUTV report. But even with all those resources, it seems his actions are catching up with him.

When nine officers appeared at Griffith’s house after gathering evidence that he was the one who placed the tracker on the sergeant’s truck, the man on body camera claims it was all just a prank. He tells officers the tracker was placed on his girlfriend’s car by her ex-husband, so Griffith thought it would be funny to put it on a cop car instead. Oddly, police don’t find it so funny.

Many members of police departments take their vehicles home. There are a number of good reasons to do this, so placing a tracker on the sergeant’s truck would allow whoever had access to know where the sergeant lives, potentially putting him and his family at risk.

KUTV’s report details out even more how Griffith has been in and out of jail, posting bail, then reoffending and somehow getting away with it all. This means the man allegedly has put countless people at risk on public roads, and yet the consequences have been shockingly light.

We see stories of serial drunk drivers somehow flying under the radar all the time. Why the problem isn’t addressed more thoroughly isn’t always clear, but thanks in part to the efforts of KUTV, plus Griffith targeting a police officer with a tracking device, it seems he’s now square in the sights of Deputy Utah County Attorney Ben Kearns.

Perhaps the man’s alleged actions, which include continuing to drive with a revoked license and not having a breathalyzer installed in his truck against the order of the court, are finally catching up to him.

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