Chicago Driver Fired On Ambulance Holding Up Traffic

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This is taking road rage to a new level.

Everyone has been in a hurry at least once when an emergency vehicle is blocking traffic. Most people are reasonable and understand there’s obvious an urgent reason why traffic can’t flow down the street. However, one 34-year-old man in Chicago decided that an ambulance blocking his way could only be dealt with one way: by shooting it.

Suspect leads police on high-speed chase with his two young sons in the backseat.

That’s right, he shot into the back doors of the stopped ambulance after honking and trying to open the driver’s door. According to local news station WLS, the incident in question went down about 9:30 pm on July 19.

A witness claims that about 15 minutes before the shooting, the ambulance crew brought a man out of a building and put him in the back of the vehicle. It sounds like they were possibly working to save that person’s life. But the guy who wanted to drive down the road just couldn’t be inconvenienced.

Video taken by WLS shows three bullet holes in the ambulance door. The witness describes hearing at least six shots. Nobody knows for sure why the man resorted to violence instead of just driving around or going another way.

One person WLS interviewed, who wasn’t identified, said violence in that neighborhood is “not common.” They went on to explain that within a mile” that sort of thing might happen. Does this mean the problem of violence in Chicago is spreading and escalating, or was this just an isolated incident?

Thankfully, police were able to catch up with the road rager and arrest him for shooting the ambulance. There’s no word in the news report about the man who was being treated in the ambulance, so we hope that means all turned out well for him and the workers.

Image via WLS

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