Alabama 8-Year-Old Carjacks Victim, Runs From Police

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This is getting out of hand!

We’re seeing a disturbing trend of young kids not only stealing parked cars but even doing armed carjackings. The latest example is one of the most shocking because it involves an 8-year-old! How the kid got a gun and the idea to use it to steal someone’s car, then run from the cops is the burning question we have.

Teens arrested for car theft are picked up by a guardian who arrives in a stolen car.

Of course, a lot of people are wondering where the parents are. That’s relevant as well because most involved parents prevent this kind of behavior, especially from a kid who’s so young. The details we know about this crime from a WSFA report are disturbing.

Police were alerted to the carjacking apparently not by the victim for whatever reason but by a witness who saw the stolen vehicle hit another car. He called police while following at a safe distance. That guy said at one point the kid picked up two adult men who wanted a ride to a restaurant – that doesn’t sit right with us at all!

Finally, police caught up with the little carjacker who didn’t want to pull over. Instead, during the chase he crashed into yet another vehicle, then he was caught. In video footage from WFSA you see the kid in handcuffs, although his face is blurred since he’s a minor committing adult-like crimes.

We know car theft rings have been actively recruiting kids to steal vehicles, so that might be how this child got the gun and the idea to carjack someone. This is why we’re working to shine a light on the car theft issue because it has widespread societal issues well beyond just someone having to make an insurance claim and buy a new ride. We’ve covered other young kids carjacking adults, a trend that needs to be reversed and fast.

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