Dodge Charger Gets Peeled Like An Orange

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A dark tinted license plate cover on the back of a Dodge Charger caught the attention of an Arkansas trooper, which eventually dominoed into one brutal crash. It’s funny how these types of situations can escalate so quickly, showing why cops are always on guard.

Watch Arkansas police PIT a Jeep at 116 mph.

The Charger had a vanity plate reading “USAJCKN” and that right there would’ve been reason enough to pull the car over. After all, vanity plates are borderline ridiculous and that one completely crosses the stupid line.

Instead, he ran the plate and it came back not only expired but registered to a Hyundai Elantra. After initiating a traffic stop, the Charger surprisingly pulled right over. But as the trooper got out of his cruiser, this suspect did the drive away quickly trick. It’s just so predictable.

A high-speed chase ensues at well over 120 mph. That doesn’t sound too fast for today’s pursuits but keep in mind it’s raining and so the road are slick. Still, the suspect swerves and weaves through traffic, threading the eye of the needle of few times with semi’s just inches from his Mopar.

The trooper keeps a good following distance for how incredibly stupid the suspect is driving. While he wants to catch the Charger, the trooper also doesn’t want to wreck out, possibly hurting himself and innocent drivers.

Just a few minutes into the chase it ends abruptly when the suspect pushes his Dodge Charger too hard for the conditions, his back end getting a little squirrely. But the suspect doesn’t give up, probably because she’s in a stolen car and we’re willing to bet is up to more than just that.

That’s when he gets the bright idea to flip around and drive the wrong way – that’ll get the trooper to leave him alone! Before the trooper can catch up again, because in Arkansas they will stay on you even when you do stupid stuff like this, the guy clips the passenger-side of the front of a semi-truck.

The Charger looks like a peeled orange, but the suspect isn’t hurt and takes off on foot, running across the highway. It’s almost like the chick has a death wish. But in the end, Arkansas State Police get their woman, but that Charger is toast.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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