Arkansas Cop Gets Wrecked Pitting Domino’s Delivery Car

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The last thing we ever expected to cover was a Lexus RX Domino’s Pizza delivery vehicle getting pitted in most brutal fashion by Arkansas State Police. Even though some people are under the mistaken notion ASP just PITs everyone indiscriminately, we know they only usually do so if there’s a good reason.

Did this cop arrest the wrong driver?

No, this wasn’t the case of a pizza delivery deadline looming and someone got a little overly enthusiastic. Instead, ASP was alerted to the presence of the stolen Lexus which had already hit someone in a parking lot, so aggravated assault charges were already in play.


That’s not a great situation for cops to be facing since someone who’s already shown they’re that aggressive probably isn’t going to go down without a fight. After the two troopers track down the stolen grandma luxury crossover, they don’t have much difficulty catching up to it.

But as you already know, this isn’t going to be an easy takedown. One trooper performs a nice PIT but the suspect is able to recover after, showing the Lexus RX is indeed tougher than it looks. That’s when the second trooper steps up and PITs the Dominoes delivery vehicle again, spinning it 180 degrees.

It turns out the front end of a Lexus RX is the perfect platform for launching a Dodge Charger Pursuit into the air. As the original lead trooper goes in to tap the suspect into submission in a nose-to-nose maneuver, the vehicle keeps shifting and the ASP cruiser glances off it, flipping into its roof.


As you might imagine, being upside down in your cruiser when trying to take a combative suspect into custody is less than idea, yet that’s exactly what one of these troopers has to work with. Showing that their training is in fact worth all the buzz, they both keep their cool and take the suspect into custody without incident.

There was no word on if any pizzas were hurt in this incident, but we did get a kick out of the suspect immediately blaming everything on her loving husband. Oh, Arkansas.

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