Pizza Truck Carjacked, Crashed Near The White House

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And it hit a Secret Service agent’s car.

Crime in Washington, D.C. is by nature a highly charged political topic, even though there are hard numbers showing it’s clearly on the rise. One of the crimes that’s sadly becoming ever more common is carjackings, which pose a threat not only to the victim but to the public in general, like in this case.

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According to multiple reports, the truck was stolen on the afternoon of May 3. The suspect then sped through the streets of D.C., eventually striking the personal vehicle of a Secret Service officer, who thankfully wasn’t injured in the collision.

After the crash, the pizza truck drove off the road and turned onto its side. Pictures and video of the truck show trays of pizza dough balls scattered across the ground. Initial reports claimed someone was pinned under the truck, but those proved to be false later. It turned out first responders saw a pair of women’s shoes next to the vehicle, and since people can literally have their shoes knocked off in an accident, feared the worst.

A hazmat crew had to drain the diesel from the truck’s tanks, making the cleanup effort a little more complicated.

The pizza delivery truck driver was injured in the crash and was escorted by police to a hospital for treatment. Not a lot of information was available about the suspect or incident in general since the Secret Service is still conducting an investigation.

However, citizen videos of the aftermath show several cars, many of them parked along the side of the road, had been hit by the pizza truck. One Infiniti even had a huge gouge in a back door. Those aren’t going to be fun insurance claims to make, especially these days with the state of the industry.

Images via DC Fire and EMS

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