Silverado Beater Beats Up Some Cops

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We see certain individuals on social media openly questioning why people are so fascinated by trucks. Some of them even insinuate there’s a murderous element to why anyone would want to drive a pickup every day. This video might seem to support that argument as a suspect uses his beater Chevy Silverado to bully pursuing Arkansas troopers.

Watch a Ram truck go flying as it runs from police.

But this video also illustrates one of the legitimate reasons why people love their pickups: they’re durable. Yes, the utilitarian nature of trucks is another strong selling point, but for some the fact a truck can take a beating and keep on ticking is why they drive one.

This is especially true for anyone who deals with rough roads, aggressive drivers, or other hazardous conditions regularly. If this confuses you, the urban or suburban area where you frequent most be pretty tame. Or you’re just super unaware of your surroundings.

In this case, the Silverado in question has a bunch of stuff in the bed and considerable tailgate damage, plus some other blemishes already, before this chase with Arkansas State Police even begins. Whenever we see a truck that’s already beat up, we give it plenty of space since the driver probably doesn’t care if it gets another dent or two.

But troopers have to stop this guy regardless. It doesn’t take long before the suspect uses the tough nature and heavy curb weight of the Silverado against them. The pickup makes for the perfect battering ram, outmuscling two Dodge Charger Pursuits which try pinning it.

This chase is brutal, staying at lower speeds but featuring plenty of panel-crushing mayhem, like a bruiser boxing match where both opponents take plenty of bloody damage. It even features a failed PIT attempt and the murder of an innocent mailbox.

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