This Is Why We Need Powerful V8 Trucks

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How else will we escape the rich people and hippies trapped in the Nevada mud?

Unless you’ve been living in a cabin in a remote corner of North Dakota and don’t have Starlink internet, you already know about the whole Burning Man disaster recently. For people not that familiar with the desert, learning that just a little bit of rain caused such a mess of mud seems amusing if not downright fictionalized, but the reality is such conditions can rapidly become next to impassable. That’s why seeing a Ram TRX pulling a good-sized camper, not to mention a bed loaded up with stuff, perfectly demonstrates why we need amazingly capable trucks.

Just buy the truck and stop abusing your car.

In case you haven’t heard, word on the street is Stellantis will be retiring the Hellcat V8 entirely for the Ram TRX. The rumors, which we so very much hope aren’t true, state that the future TRX will sport a twin-turbo Hurricane inline-six engine.

While some don’t think this is a big deal, just watching this TRX pull a camper through the mud at Burning Man when so many vehicles were hopelessly stuck is inspiring and a perfect example of why V8 trucks need to keep being made.

Critics of big, burly trucks argue that “you don’t need all that power” as if they know what’s good for everyone. Even if you never visit some weird desert festival where an effigy of a pagan god is burned for reasons, you might need to pull heavy loads through other difficult terrain.

Try towing a larger trailer through steep mountain passes using a truck with a forced-induction six- or four-cylinder setup and you’ll quickly learn why V8s are so formidable. And if you experience the awesome might of a diesel V8, there’s just no going back for those who depend on their truck to pull through tough situations on the regular.

For someone who throws their potted plants purchased at Home Depot in the back of their pickup before tooling home through nice, smooth suburban roads, perhaps a big V8 truck seems grossly excessive. But not everyone spends all their time on pavement and where AAA is a short call away.

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