Survival Against All Odds: Driver Rescued After 5 Days Trapped in Ravine

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This California driver is lucky to be alive!

A Southern California driver has been rescued after enduring five days trapped inside a mangled pickup truck that had careened 100 feet down a remote ravine.

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This rescue mission kicked off when a passerby, amidst the picturesque but treacherous terrain between Arvin and Stallion Springs, spotted the wreckage at the ravine’s bottom. Without delay, they dialed for help, setting into motion a remarkable chain of events.

The Kern County Fire Department promptly answered the call, arriving on the scene just before 11 a.m. With unwavering determination, a firefighter volunteered to be lowered into the challenging terrain. The unforgiving landscape near Sheep’s Trail held the answers they sought.

A team of 21 rescuers, including four engine crews, six fire patrol units, and an urban search and rescue team, joined forces. Photographs from the scene capture a moment as firefighters line a dusty road, gripping a rope that connects them to the injured driver below.

The rope allowed three additional firefighters to descend into the rugged abyss. Their mission was clear: secure the trapped individual in a rescue basket. The rescuers successfully raised the injured driver to safety.

As of now, the identity of the motorist remains a mystery. Airlifted to a hospital, their condition remains undisclosed.

Source and Photos: Kern County Fire Department

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