Houston Police Catch Elusive Dodge Challenger Thief

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But what did they actually accomplish?

An elusive stolen Dodge Challenger police in Houston tried chasing before has finally been caught. However, it wasn’t a superior plan or the officers’ driving skills that brought the Mopar muscle car down but instead the incompetence of the suspect behind the wheel.

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As detailed out in a Fox 26 report, police officers spotted the infamous Challenger, which had escaped them at least twice before, parked on a street at about 2:30 am on September 4. Instead of just seizing the vehicle, they decided to wait and see who returned, then try to catch the suspect.

If you’re thinking that waiting for a driver who has outrun you two previous times to get back in a stolen muscle car that outperforms your vehicle is just a bad plan, you’re ahead of these Houston officers in strategic thinking skills.

Unsurprisingly, when the suspect did return to the Mopar, he sped away as officers tried to do a traffic stop. If police were shocked by this, we just don’t know what to say.

After about three to four minutes, the suspect wrecked out, hitting a Jeep Wrangler that had three women inside. Thankfully, no injuries were reported by police, but we wonder if the off-roader was totaled as well as the Dodge.

Had police seized the car as it was parked, perhaps the owner would’ve gotten it back in pretty good condition. Now it’s busted up, possibly totaled, as is a Wrangler owned by someone else. So great work, officers!

In the meantime, the car thief might get a sweet deal from prosecutors and already be out on the street. We hope not but have seen such scenarios repeatedly. So in the end the whole chase might have been a net negative.

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