Truck Driver Orders Burrito After Killing Someone

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This is unbelievably tragic.

The thing that Uncle Ben told Peter Parker in the old Spider-Man movie holds true for those who drive semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Unfortunately, some commercial drivers don’t take that seriously, with tragedy ensuing. That certainly appears to be the case after a semi-truck driver plowed into cars stopped at a traffic light in Parker, Arizona, killing one person and leaving others in critical condition, then walked over to a restaurant, ordered a burrito, and finished half of it before getting arrested.

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According to Parker Police Department, the incident happened on September 3 at about 3:30 pm when the semi slammed into three cars, pushing them all through the intersection and into a gas station’s parking lot. Both the semi and one of the other vehicles hit the service station building before exploding into flames.

Another of the vehicles hit a boulder, flipped, and landed on its roof in the gas station parking lot. Police say the semi-truck hit a fourth vehicle that was waiting to turn left at the intersection. In other words, the scene sounds about as chaotic as a movie scene.

And yet with all that going on, 28-year-old Karan Singh is accused of climbing out of the cab of the semi, walking a block to a restaurant, and ordering lunch. Police say they believe he was impaired at the time, which might help explain not only the crash but his callous actions after.

Two of Singh’s victims had to be airlifted to a hospital in Phoenix, reports AZ Central. Both of them were still listed in critical condition at the time of the report. We’re hoping they pull through.

Now Singh is facing eight counts of aggravated assault and one count of second degree murder. Since the investigation is still going on, it’s possible he could be slapped with even more charges. In the meantime he’s being held on $1 million bail.

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