Toyota Camry Tries Teaching Arkansas State Police A Lesson

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It wasn’t too long ago that certain automotive sites decided the Toyota Camry was public enemy number one. That was a bizarre time since we always knew the cars were grocery getters, not muscle cars or track toys or whatever we assume these people thought they were before becoming bitter and disillusioned. Even with their lowly status, that hasn’t kept people like this suspect from trying to use them to teach police a lesson.

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Maybe this guy saw how recently someone else in a Toyota Camry embarrassed Arkansas State Police. That was a bizarre incident we didn’t think would ever be repeated. Then this footage came out.

This guy was caught going 15 mph over the speed limit, so not the biggest deal. Instead of just pulling over, taking the ticket, then grumbling about it like a normal person, he decides to bring to bear all the raw horsepower of his Camry.

The trooper is able to keep up and do a PIT rather quickly. Even though both cars were going 113 mph at the time, the Camry pulls this weird Matrix-like move, straightens out before getting sideways, and pushes the cruiser. If it weren’t for the intense TVI training ASP puts troopers through we wonder if that would’ve been the end of the chase.

Instead, the trooper makes quite the save and the pursuit continues. Perhaps realizing the trooper means business, the suspect really pushes his grocery getter, cutting it close with semis and other traffic to throw the trooper off all while going even faster.

For a time that strategy works, but the trooper catches up even as the chase reaches 147 mph. At that speed exits just fly by, so when the suspect pulls a little double fake and does get off on another highway, the trooper has zero time to react and follow.

Even though this guy pushed the Toyota Camry and got away, did he really get away with this? That depends on if he’s driving a stolen vehicle or if the tag is legit or not. If that’s his car or he has permission to use it and the tag is genuine, he’s eventually going to get busted. If not, he got away, at least for now.

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