Watch The Spider-Man Move A Suspect Pulls To Try Escaping Georgia Troopers

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Unfortunately, Dodge Chargers have become quite the theft magnets in the past few years. With the Hemi V8 they’re powerful and in the past could be had for a relative deal, putting plenty on the roads for thieves to pilfer at will. The result is we get some pretty incredible chases between thieves in these Mopars and law enforcement.

Watch a girl in a Prius give cops hell.

While some departments have no-chase or limited-chase policies which keep them from really dogging stolen Chargers, Georgia State Police are pretty ruthless. When you combine that with the tight, winding streets of Atlanta in the middle of the night, plus a suspect willing to black out to lose the fuzz, that’s a recipe for plenty of excitement.

This chase video really delivers with some high-speed runs as the Charger blacks out. You can tell the pursuing trooper catches some air at intersections but he keeps his cruiser under control. However, once the suspect enters smaller residential roads he’s able to use the limited visibility to slip away.

But GSP doesn’t give up easily as troopers fan out and look for the blackout Charger, which might have turned its lights back on to blend in.

And that’s exactly what this suspect did. But one trooper notices the Dodge is the same one they’ve been chasing and moves to block it in at an intersection where the suspect stopped like a good, obedient little citizen. That’s when the claws came out as the car thief rams the trooper then takes off again.

After that little maneuver the suspect blacks out once more and the chase is on. But the suspect soon learns that front end damage often leads to the engine overheating. A trooper comes up on the slow-moving Charger as smoke billows behind and that’s when we see the most entertaining part of the video as the driver bails as the Mopar barrels onto a sidewalk.

These kids must practice jumping from moving cars because this one does it like a ninja. He rolls to lessen the impact and goes straight into a run. It’s like watching a real life Jackie Chan movie. This is the reality we’re all living in and it’s wild.

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