Porsche Carjackers Stopped By Stick Shift

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The old joke is the best way to ensure your car doesn’t get swiped is to buy something with a manual transmission since so few people know how to use them. But every once in a while we see a real life example of this play out. The latest one happened in Bethesda, Maryland when some would-be carjackers tried taking a Porsche.

Mother wants her car thief son locked up.

People who drive either fast or luxurious cars are often the targets of theft. When you put those together in something like a Porsche, well that really makes you a potential victim. We think going with a stick shift is the best way to level the playing field.

Dashcam footage of the incident was shared by local news station Fox 5 Washington DC. You can see the kids, who all look like minors, pull up by the Porsche using a Nissan Rogue which was probably stolen. They get out wearing hoodies and masks, one of them pursuing the Porsche owner who was standing in front of his car.

According to the report, the car owner was pistol-whipped before he handed over the keys. One of them gets in the car and tries driving it away but can’t even get it moving because he has no idea what to do about the third pedal and stick. This went down just before midnight on November 26.

Police are asking for leads on this case. Sadly, it looks like so many others we see every day. The notable part is of course the stick shift thwarting the carjacking. With how horribly a lot of these kid car thieves drive, we’re not shocked to learn they have zero manual transmission skills. After all, that requires patience to develop the skill. These kids are all about something for nothing.

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