Mother Wants Her Car Thief Son Locked Up

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She’s had it with his bad behavior.

People are fed up with all the car thefts happening in cities across North America and other parts of the world. But for one mother the issue hits close to home because her teenage son is a repeat offender. Instead of asking for mercy for her child, she wants him locked up, facing the consequences of his poor actions.

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The mother in Columbus, Ohio spoke with a reporter from local news station WBNS about her 17-year-old son who’s become a prolific car thief. She’s mad that police keep releasing her son from custody. And that’s one big problem: people need to realize it’s prosecutors who are often the ones letting thieves and other criminals walk free without consequences.

Tiffany Hammons says she’s been “begging and pleading – please arrested him, lock him up, do something that’s going to make him pay for the things that he’s out here doing.” You can hear the frustration in her voice and see it written on her face.

She believes her son getting caught stealing cars or crashing stolen cars, only to be released right away is teaching him the wrong life lesson. We’d have to agree that going light on those who break the law encourages more criminal behavior.

We sadly know that children grow up to have their own ideas, sometimes departing far from what parents teach them. The influence of friends and even the media starts to supersede what a parent has taught. In cases like this, a parent has few options on the table. It sounds like Hammons wants the government to teach consequences to her son because she can’t personally lock him up.

Some people will blame the son’s behavior on her. We don’t know what she did and didn’t teach her kid as he was growing up, so that’s not a call we could even begin to make. The fact she’s not trying to shield her son from the consequences of his thievery we think speaks volumes about her as a mother now. If only there were more mothers like her, because we see plenty who run cover for their children’s misdeeds.

Watch the report for yourself.

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