Robotaxis Cause Austin Traffic Jam

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This looks similar to the ones in San Francisco!

We’ve seen many videos of Cruise and other robotaxi services’ cars causing traffic snarls in San Francisco. Now it’s Austin’s turn as the Texas city also becomes a laboratory for the experimental tech. Video footage of about 20 or so Cruise taxis sitting motionless in a stretch of road, creating a traffic jam recently.

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Many of the Chevy Bolts with sensor arrays on the roof and the Cruise logo emblazoned on the sides sat motionless as if they couldn’t process how to move forward. Two were almost nose-to-nose in a T-intersection with two long lines of robotaxis apparently waiting to see what those would do.

One of the people by the camera recording the gridlock makes a comment about how the dumb cars “don’t know how to move.” That same person then asks the critical question: “Are you telling me they have no way to get out of this?”

Is that guy asking about the robotaxis or the citizens of Austin being held captive by the experimental self-driving tech? It’s caused a number of issues in San Francisco and as the service has expanded in the Phoenix metropolitan area, undoubtedly more situations like this will unfold.

Those who enthusiastically embrace the shiny new object think anyone criticizing robotaxis is anti-progress or the ultimate smear, a NIMBY. What they fail to recognize is most people just want to get where they’re going. Traffic jams are annoying but to find out they’re being caused by self-driving cars that won’t drive, well that’s pretty infuriating.

A growing number of people in San Francisco are souring on Cruise, Waymo, and other robotaxi services thanks to issues like one driving into an active firefighter response scene or another running over and killing a dog. We’re constantly told how these robots drive better than humans but one was to wonder which humans are their advocates referring to?

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