UAW Protestors Hit By A Car Leaving GM Facility

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The union believes the hit-and-run was done by GM employees.

As if tensions aren’t high enough between UAW and General Motors, five union members who were picketing out in front of one of the automaker’s warehouse facilities were hit by a car on the afternoon of September 26. Reportedly, the hit-and-run was done by someone leaving the facility at the same time employees were getting off work.

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UAW members who were on the scene described the vehicle that plowed into their colleagues as a dark blue or black Chevy HHR or Chrysler PT Cruiser. The vehicle was allegedly driving fast, hit the picketers, the driver slamming on the brakes before taking off. It’s not clear if anyone got the license plate number.

Speaking with local media, UAW Region 1D Director Steve Dawes made the following commentary: “We’re, you know, doing a very peaceful legal demonstration, wasn’t bothering nobody, wasn’t blocking traffic, was allowing people to come in and out, the ones that had to come in. There was no sense, no cause for this to happen.”

The incident, which Dawes told KTVZ sent two of the five people hit to the hospital, took place outside GM’s Flint Processing Center in Swatz Creek, Michigan. The facility contains 3.1 million square feet of space for fulfilling customer orders, says the automaker. It’s listed as having 478 employees.

Police are investigating the incident, but we’re sure no matter the outcome this won’t help with negotiations during the strike. Already, the local police chief told the media that the person responsible claimed they were blocked in and intimidated by UAW members. Predictably, UAW disputes that claim. This is about how well labor negotiations between the union and automaker seem to be going as well.

A fistfight broke out recently at a UAW protest in Center Line, Michigan. So we might see more incidents of violence, although we’re hoping that doesn’t materialize.

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