California Karate Teachers Beat Up Carjackers

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They went full Karate Kid on the crooks.

Carjackings have become almost commonplace in cities like Oakland, California with far too many people just watching victims in distress. However, two karate teachers recently rushed to the aid of a man who had his car keys taken at gunpoint, with the whole thing caught on camera.

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Surveillance footage from a business on Piedmont Avenue captured in August, according to a KTVU, shows a fairly busy street with both foot and vehicle traffic. A man is getting into his Jaguar parked on the side of the road when two other men with hoodies pulled over their heads pull up next to the victim and jump out of their car.

Immediately, they start grabbing the victim and you can see one has a gun, although the guy isn’t really pointing it at the victim and it might not be real/loaded. Still, that’s concerning.

As the victim retreats to behind his car and over to the sidewalk, the two hooded men follow. They take the man’s keys out of his hand, then turn around and go back to drive off in both vehicles.

That’s when two instructors at a karate studio across the street run over and start using sticks to bash in the windows of the car the thieves arrived in. Panicking, the would-be carjackers jump in their getaway ride and take off.

The fact these crooks didn’t use the gun against two guys with sticks makes us question if it wasn’t an airsoft pistol or wasn’t loaded. We’re grateful they didn’t because the two Good Samaritans could’ve been seriously hurt or killed.

This footage also shows people are starting to band together against criminal activity, at least in some situations. Police can’t be everywhere and thieves are absolutely taking advantage of citizens’ complacency.

Check out the Karate Kid footage for yourself.

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