Kidnapping Suspect In Hooptie Tries Fighting The Cops

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Wisdom is knowing when you’re totally screwed and just surrendering.

Arkansas State Police have released dramatic dashcam footage of a trooper chasing down a kidnapping suspect from Tennessee. What really interests us is how the suspect, who obviously has a pattern of making poor life choices, thought a hooptie Chevy Spark was a great getaway vehicle. Yes, we’re gearheads so we think a lot about these things and we can tell you, a little underpowered hatchback is about the worst vehicle to try ditching the fuzz on the open highway.

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The trooper catches up with the shoebox on wheels with ease and the suspect just cruises along at an even speed in the right lane. That suspect had to have known the jig was up, that she had been identified. Instead of just pulling over and surrendering, she decided to try fighting using his hooptie. Not a great choice.

As three ASP units try boxing the little car in, forcing it to slow down, the driver decides to make a dramatic move and shoots the gap between the lead car and the one on its driver’s side. Likely flooring it, the little Spark slowly accelerates, the police cruisers easily keeping up. That’s when the suspect tries running into one of the cruisers, both cars veering off toward the right shoulder.

Obviously, the police are trying to avoid a collision for fear of harming the child in the Chevy, but the kidnapper seems to use that fact against them. It’s a selfish move that doesn’t pay off. One of the troopers is able to put the ridiculous chase to an end by gently pushing the Spark onto the shoulder, its skinny little tires struggling to gain traction.

Instead of giving up at that point, this kidnapping suspect keeps going, stubbornly steering the Chevy back onto the road even as a police SUV tries pushing it back off. Somehow, she gets the hatchback going down the highway again but is swarmed once more. One of the Chargers successfully does a PIT, spinning the suspect’s vehicle back onto the shoulder. The woman still tries to drive off, but with officers at her window, guns drawn, she seems to realize it’s all over.

Some people might secretly admire the moxie of this kidnapping suspect as she tries outrunning the cops in one of the worst vehicles sold in America during the 21st century, but we don’t. First of all, we don’t admire anything about anyone who (allegedly) kidnapped a child. But we most definitely don’t admire anyone who drives a Chevy Spark, and that’s final.

Check out this bizarre chase for yourself.

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