Guy Takes His Ladder Through A Car Wash

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Plenty of people have racks on their truck to carry ladders, kayaks, or whatever else. Going through a car wash with a rack is questionable at best (we don’t recommend doing it) but leaving something on the rack as you go through a car wash is just plain a bad idea.

Car plunges into sinkhole after freak accident in Arizona.

One guy did it, leaving a ladder mounted to the top of his truck’s rack, then drove through an automatic car wash. We know a lot of car washes we’ve been to say to take everything out of the bed of your truck before going through, unless you have a shell or tonneau cover. We’re pretty sure a rack isn’t anywhere near the same thing.

As the main spinning brush that goes over cars’ roofs works its way across the truck’s hood and then up, it gets caught on the ladder. After it becomes apparent there’s a problem, the pickup driver reverses, thankfully untangling the mess easily.

Just when you think disaster has been averted, the guy then gets the brilliant idea to gun it forward. That’s when the ladder really gets jammed up into the spinner and the truck’s rack also gets mangled.

Sometimes it’s best to hang back and be a little timid instead of storming the beaches.

It’s incidents like this that incentivize car washes to have cameras running at all times. They can prove in an accident that the equipment didn’t malfunction but instead a user didn’t follow safe practices.

While this video is five years old, it’s recently been making the rounds on social media. People can’t believe someone would do something so stupid. While we want to believe the guy just forgot the ladder was up there, there’s always the possibility he thought nothing would happen to it. He might have even been thinking it was a great way to clean any grime off the ladder.

If so, he was dead wrong. And now his actions are internet famous.

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