Suspect Makes A Questionable Fake License Plate

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Criminals sure can be dumb. We have a growing list of examples and the latest one is this stolen Kia Rio that was bearing an obviously fake license plate while tooling around Benicia, California. Police praised the neat handwriting, but the thing obviously fooled only the idiots who made it.

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Frist off, if you’re going to make a fake license plate at least make the fake registration current. These geniuses put down “Jan 2023” like that was just so sneaky good. Had the questionable plate, which looks nothing like a real license plate from California or any other state other than Delusion, been good enough to fool police officers, they would’ve pulled it over just for having an expired registration.

The second major issue with this is the “6” that’s written like a lowercase “B.” Really? While the other letters and numbers are written fairly well, that alone is a crime.

Also, with how easily some people print off fake temporary registrations, we’d think these guys could’ve put some more effort into deceiving police. After all, the problem is so bad Texas has outlawed temporary paper plates.

Finally, who the hell steals a Kia Rio? These cars are so cheap that if you can’t afford to steal one, we’re not sure how you can even afford to buy groceries in California. Or maybe it’s the cost of groceries that drove these people to steal the Kia? Anyway, it’s just bad taste. We know a lot of kids are stealing Kias but it’s just not a good look.

Benicia Police Department had a great time trolling these criminals on Facebook which is something we need to see more. People who do dumb, illegal things like this should be shamed publicly. Maybe we should bring back the stocks and other forms of humiliation?

Image via Benicia Police Department

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