Denver Mayor Mike Johnston’s Car Has Been Stolen

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The Denver metro area has had quite the car theft problem for a while now. While there have been different measures to get it under control and some progress has been made, car thefts continue to vex a number of people in the area. Add to the list of victims Mayor Mike Johnston.

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According to Fox31 Denver, the mayor’s office won’t provide any real details about the theft. In other words, nobody knows when or where the car was stolen. They won’t say if it’s been recovered, either.

However, another local news outlet, Denver7, says Mayor Mike Johnston’s car was stolen in late October and was since recovered. They also said no details about where the car was stolen were provided, apparently “to protect the safety of Mayor Johnston and his family.”

Something is weird about this case and it’s not just the conflicting local media reports. The sheer lack of information, the keeping the crime from the public for about a month, it’s all just bizarre.

What’s even weirder is how Denver7 aptly points out Mike Johnston had his car stolen before. Back in 2017 his Ford Explorer bearing Denver Broncos colors was swiped from an Office Depot parking lot.

Laugh all you want about the mayor getting his car stolen because in a way it’s hilarious. After all, as much as you can argue that people should be sympathetic to the plight of Denver’s mayor, he and others have failed to really get a handle on the car theft issue. That doesn’t mean he bears sole responsibility for the problem but there’s definitely some poetic justice vibe going on in the situation.

According to the Denver Police Department, there have been almost 11,000 car thefts reported in 2023. For 2022 the total was a few hundred short of 14,000. So the car theft problem in the area is still bad and even the mayor is suffering as a result.

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