Denver International Airport Is A Car Theft Playground

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Park at your own risk.

Walking into a parking lot and not being able to find your vehicle can be a sickening feeling, especially once you realize you’re not just forgetting where you parked. Quite a few people who have flown out of Denver International Airport now know exactly what that’s like, particularly anyone who left a Ford truck in the parking structure or lot.

A car theft ring was brought down by a series of Instagram posts.

For whatever reasons, the thieves trolling the parking areas at DIA seem to be focusing quite a bit on Ford trucks. Perhaps they have tools which are best suited for Fords, which might indicate they work for a Ford dealer or an independent shop that caters to Fords. As far as targeting trucks, those command a better price on the black market than sedans or small crossovers.

Nobody is saying how thieves are getting stolen vehicles out of airport parking in Denver. They obviously have found a way that police don’t want to disclose for some reason, as a report from Westword clearly points out. Just don’t think your having the parking voucher for your vehicle and the thieves not having it will protect your ride, because it won’t.

Not too long ago, The Denver Post dug into this topic, providing some key insights. Denver has had a vexing car theft problem that’s only grown in recent years, but after several steps were taken to get it under control it seems the trend is heading in the opposite direction. But at the same time, thefts at the airport are on the rise at about the same rate as the decrease in the city.

According to that report, the most stolen vehicle at the airport in Denver is the Ford F-150. Thieves are also targeting Super Duty trucks, which likely aren’t parked as often. Also worth noting, the report mentions Denver police have a no-chase policy, so even if they see a stolen vehicle, they won’t pursue it. Surely that isn’t helping with the situation.

Car thieves are scumbags and they don’t care who they hurt. They love places where vehicles are parked for a long time, so they’ll often hit not only airports but hospitals, malls, movie, theaters, and college campuses. We don’t park valuable vehicles in long-term airport parking anymore because this trend isn’t just affecting Denver.

If you’re taking a flight somewhere, have a friend or family member drive you to the airport. When that’s not an option, get an Uber. While it might not be the most convenient option, leaving your car for days in an airport lot or parking structure is taking a big risk.

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