Ford Taurus Driver Parks In Backyard Pool

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It might seem like a good idea, but don’t do this.

Every so often we see photos and if we’re lucky also a video of a driver who mistakenly parks their vehicle in a backyard pool. This time it was a person in a Ford Taurus who crashed through a fence in South Sioux City, Nebraska, submerging their vehicle. A common mistake leads to this sort of embarrassing situation.

Woman pulled from submerged Jeep in Texas lake.

According to the South Sioux City Police Department, the incident in question happened on August 6 when the driver confused the gas and brake pedals in their car. Before you laugh, automakers’ reputations have been damaged by these sorts of mistakes.

For some reason, people’s lizard brain takes over and they momentarily can’t tell left from right. Either than or they have huge Ronald McDonald feet and so can hit the accelerator and brakes pedals at the same time. We like to debate which one it is. Either way, the result is in some of those cases people drive into pools.

We also see drivers who crash through storefronts, homes, etc. because of this mix-up. Usually nobody is injured, other than the driver’s pride, although in some unfortunate cases pedal confusion has killed pedestrians. It’s a sad reality of the dangerous nature of driving, something we too often take for granted.

At least as far as the pool crash in Nebraska nobody was injured. Police say the driver likely won’t be charged or cited for any violation. In other words, it sounds like everyone involved, including the pool owner (which might have been the driver), realizes it was all just an accident.

The car looks like it’s probably a total loss and we’re unsure if the insurance will cover the damage.

Images via South Sioux City Police Department

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