C8 Corvette Gets Pinned Under Semi-Truck

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An orange C8 Corvette somehow ended up stuck underneath the tail end of a semi-truck’s trailer in a frightening crash out of California. This situation emphasis the need for all drivers to give commercial trucks a wide berth on the road.

Truck flips during police chase but keeps on going.

The accident happened at around noon on May 9, although it’s not clear how exactly the mid-engine sports car collided with the semi. Whatever the reason for the crash, ultimately it left the 77-year-old Corvette driver trapped and suffering “crush injuries” reported ABC7.

It’s actually a miracle the man survived. Oftentimes when a vehicle submarines under a semi-truck trailer decapitation and other fatalities are common.

Eventually, firefighters were able to cut the man out of the wreckage. He was rushed to the hospital in an awaiting ambulance, but his condition is unknown.

Some have been wondering how this kind of accident could happen considering all trailers come outfitted with a Mansfield bar. Those devices are intended to prevent cars from submarining under the back end of a semi-truck’s trailer, but some cars with lower bumper and hood heights, like the C8 Corvette, can still slide under them.

At this time, we don’t know if the C8 Corvette slammed into the trailer because it was speeding and lost control, the semi-truck slammed on the brakes suddenly, or whatever else might have preceded this collision.

Regardless, this accident is a great reminder to avoid being distracted by your phone or whatever else while driving. Also, don’t drive intoxicated. We’re not saying either one was a factor in this situation, just that such things can lead to these types of crashes.

With the warm weather many enthusiasts are taking their hobby cars out for a spin. While that’s a great thing to do, everyone needs to drive aware and aggressively defensive since dangers are everywhere on public roads.

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