Truck Takes A Licking And Keeps On Ticking In Oklahoma Police Chase

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On May 11, 2024 Oklahoma Highway Patrol and McLoud Police Department were in pursuit of a suspect in a pickup truck. After the chase wound around on surface streets, the suspect got onto westbound I-40 and that’s where the footage you’re about to see gets wild.

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The footage from a news helicopter overhead starts with the truck turning onto the interstate on-ramp, a trooper right on his trail. Before the suspect can accelerate away, the trooper moves his Dodge Charger into position, giving what appears to be a light tactical vehicle intervention (TVI) but not a full on PIT maneuver to the rear passenger-side quarter panel.

Even though from the air that looked like a love tap with the trooper’s push bar, the truck’s back end got loose. Considering how little weight is over that rear axle, it often doesn’t take much to make that happen.

The suspect overcorrects a couple of times, drifting over the gore point and into the lanes of traffic. Thankfully, a concrete barrier sits in the median, otherwise the suspect might have been in a potentially fatal head-on collision.

Instead, his truck flips onto the barrier. It looks like he’s going to be completely wrecked and upside down, but miraculously it flips back onto its wheels, almost like a cat.

You see the roof is crushed and the B-pillar buckled on the passenger side. Any normal person at this point would stop the vehicle and surrender to police, but this suspect appears to be exceptionally determined to keep running.

While not going nearly as fast, the suspect pushes the pickup as the pursuit proceeds down the interstate. After a trooper tries doing a PIT, the suspect slows to almost a crawl but doesn’t stop to give up.

That goes on for a while. We have no idea why the guy didn’t just stop and surrender right after the rollover, but he and a passenger eventually do. And this is why running from police is a dumb idea since you’re risking a TVI.

Image via CopWatch 247/YouTube

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