Oklahoma Highway Patrol Cracking Down On Speeding

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You’ve been warned.

With summer in full swing, plenty of people are traveling all around the country, enjoying some time off from work as well as the good weather. However, if you plan on traveling through the state of Oklahoma during your journeys, you better watch the speed limit because Oklahoma Highway Patrol has been on a bit of a tear lately.

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Since early 2023, OHP has been dropping warnings about excessive speeding to its followers on social media. For example, back on February 18 the department posted about a trooper pulling over a Dodge Charger and Nissan 300ZX which had been racing each other on the H.E. Bailey Turnpike.

Both of those cars were going 135 mph in a 75 mph zone, so they weren’t far off from doubling the speed limit. While you might laugh at that, we guarantee neither driver was laughing at the $449 fine. In some jurisdictions that will get your vehicle impounded for a month, adding to the fines.

Back on February 27, OHP posted about pulling two vehicles over for unbelievable speeds. One was an Audi Q3 which was clocked at 113 mph. Last time we checked, the Autobahn was in Europe.

The other vehicle was a sport bike and it was pulled over twice on the same day. That rider had pushed the motorcycle to 114 mph the first time and 126 mph the second. Not only did the guy not learn his lesson after picking up his first very expensive ticket, he decided going faster was a good idea.

We swear some people love learning things the hard way and even when they meet the consequences of their actions, they go back and do the wrong thing even harder. Just do yourself a favor and stay around the speed limit in Oklahoma and probably everywhere else as well.

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