Stolen Classic Cars Found

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It’s good to hear of some happy endings.

With all the car theft going around, thieves are itching to get their hands on more than just Dodge muscle cars and Kias. They’ve realized soaring values of classic cars make them an ideal target. That’s bad news for enthusiasts, especially people who have kept the same car in their family for decades with nary a problem, only to have some crooks decide their heirloom is a quick score.

Check out the stolen and stripped cars that litter Detroit here.

But we have a classic vehicle theft story from KCCI with a happy ending. After a 1950 Chevy 3100 pro street build was stolen along with another classic car out of Des Moines, Iowa, police have recovered both vehicles.

After the story of the stolen vehicles surfaced, police quickly located the other ride but the Chevy 3100 remained missing. Several witnesses came forward and said they’d seen the truck and those sightings surely helped police concentrate on a specific area.

At the time of the report, police hadn’t made an arrest in the case.

This story is a great reminder that even if you don’t think your classic car is worth much, to a thief it might be enough to steal anyway. The best thing you can do is to take necessary steps to secure your ride, hopefully deterring a lazy thief so they’ll try targeting a different vehicle instead.

One of the best things you can do is store your classic car in a building with a good lock and other fortifications. Parking a valuable vehicle outside, especially when it doesn’t move much, acts like a flame to moths when it comes to thieves.

Security cameras can act as a deterrence for some thieves because they don’t want the crime documented, especially if their face is showing. Others hate alarms since those can attract attention and maybe even bring the police to the scene.

You might want to install a kill switch, alarm system for the vehicle, and a GPS tracker just in case. Anything else you can think of to slow down or stop a theft might be the difference between your car getting stolen or staying safe.

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