Group Caught Stealing 16 New Ford Bronco Raptors

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The stolen SUVs are valued at $1,760,000 total.

A car theft ring operating in Canton, Michigan has been accused of swiping 16 brand new 2023 Ford Bronco Raptors with a combined value of $1,760,000. The enterprising group of seven people decided to get the pricey off-roaders direct from Ford, raiding a factory storage lot in the city. We’ve seen this trick deployed quite a bit lately as automakers scramble to add security features to these storage lots.

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According to Canton police, the theft ring started liberating Bronco Raptors from Ford’s ownership back around October 2022, with an investigation launched shortly after. Investigators concluded the thefts were connected to other Bronco thefts in Woodhaven and Dearborn. Often, thieves learn how to exploit the factory security features on one model or brand, then they concentrate on stealing those.

With the Ford Bronco being a hot item on the car market, and the Bronco Raptors featured heavily on enthusiasts’ wish lists, demand for stolen models is high. In other words, if you’re lucky enough to own one, taking extra steps to secure your ride would be an excellent idea.

Seven suspects have already been arrested and arraigned on a long list of charges. While most had bond set at $100,000 before their next appearance in court on August 25, 19-year-old Janisse Moss got a $1,000,000 unsecured bond for reasons unexplained by Canton police.

“We applaud the outstanding efforts of our police officers and partners in ensuring community safety,” said Canton Police Chief Chad Baugh. “Their dedication and collaborative investigations underscore our commitment to our citizens. Our sincere appreciation goes to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office and our policing partners for their unwavering commitment to service.”

Investigators were able to track down 10 of the stolen Bronco Raptors, which were scattered around Michigan and as far as Alaska and Arizona. In the process, they recovered some other stolen cars, cash, and a firearm. We’re wondering where the other six Bronco Raptors disappeared to and if some innocent person is driving one they think is legit. For this reason, we recommend running the VIN on any vehicle you buy, even one that’s supposedly new, before completing the transaction.

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