Dodge Charger Eats It Big Getting Fancy Running From Police

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The guy should give up on his dreams of racing in NASCAR after this stunt.

Most people who own or have stolen a muscle car seem to think they’re invincible. We get it: when you have a ridiculous amount of power at your disposal coupled with a rear-wheel-drive chassis that makes driving fun, things start going to your head. But as this Dodge Charger driver demonstrates in the included video, that kind of thinking can lead to serious consequences when you decide to run from the law.

This Dodge Charger police chase exposes the muscle car’s big weakness.

While some police forces have no-chase policies and so are ridiculously bad at stopping fleeing bad guys (cough, cough, Seattle) there are others like Arkansas State Police who obviously go through rigorous and frequent pursuit training. The only people we’ve seen go toe-to-toe with these guys should probably just take up a legitimate car racing career instead of risking it all running from cops.

When it comes to the guy in the Charger who runs from this Arkansas trooper, let’s just say he’s no Steve McQueen. The guy probably thinks he is still, but this short, and we do mean short, run from the law showed he doesn’t have what it takes.

He uses the technique of getting off the freeway to ditch the police, only he doesn’t understand the cornering performance of his Mopar. Not sticking the sweeping turn, he wrecks out but seems more practiced at bailing from a crashed car, so we’re betting this isn’t his first rodeo.

The YouTube account that uploaded this dashcam video caused a bit of a stir when it tried claiming the vehicle in question was the undefeated and rather infamous Blackout Charger. We’ve covered that mysterious Mopar many times, but we can say with high confidence this wasn’t the same car. After all, it doesn’t move anything like the Blackout Charger and doesn’t sound like it, either.

Even though this isn’t the infamous car and driver, the video is still worth watching. It clearly demonstrates how some drivers grossly overestimate their capabilities and perhaps the capabilities of their vehicle as well, getting them into serious trouble in a split second. After all, when you’re going fast, a wrong move can end things for you before most people can fully process what’s happening, which is what makes going well over 100 mph so dangerous.

Check out the pathetic attempt at running from the cops for yourself.

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