Two NASCAR Drivers Have Been Suspended For DWI

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Just what’s going on?

It’s always shocking to hear about a celebrity getting arrested for driving while intoxicated, but when that person is famous for his driving skills, the shock level is dialed up even more. But new reports from North Carolina indicate three NASCAR drivers have recently been arrested and charged with DWI, leaving a lot of people wondering what’s going on with motorsports lately.

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A lot has changed about NASCAR over the past while, with the motorsport more in the limelight as ticket prices skyrocket and drivers become even bigger stars than before. But Queen City News reports Jason Alan White, who has competed in both the Craftsman Truck Series and Xfinity Series, was arrested and charged with DWI back on August 3 in Huntersville, North Carolina.

That alone would cause quite the stir, but another NASCAR driver, Chris Hacker, was also picked up DWI in Huntersville on August 15. He originally had been pulled over for excessive speed, but was charged not only for driving while intoxicated but also other moving violations.

Instead of waiting for the outcome of the two drivers’ court cases, NASCAR announced both have been suspended indefinitely. That announcement was made on August 17 with motorsports fans and legal experts weighing in with their opinions on the move.

We stress that being arrested for DWI isn’t the same as being convicted of driving intoxicated. Just like with any crime, our justice system assumes innocence until guilt is proven. Still, it’s interesting that NASCAR has suspended both without any end date announced, likely to preserve its image. Some sports organizations have been accused of sweeping these sorts of things under the rug or giving athletes a mere slap on the wrist.

What do you think of the suspensions?

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