Arkansas Cop Gets Close To Infamous Blackout Charger

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So close, yet so far!

If you’re not aware, there’s a guy in a black Dodge Charger that’s obviously modified and might be a Hellcat (it’s probably at least a Scat Pack) that’s been absolutely smoking Arkansas State Police for months now. The cops don’t stand a chance against this guy, who every time shuts off all his lights once he gets a good distance from troopers, slipping away into the night. And it just happened yet again.

Learn more about the infamous Blackout Charger here.

The incident in question took place not too long before midnight on April 14. Trooper David Robinson was sitting at a red light when a scene unfolded that wasn’t too dissimilar to an old western movie as the Mopar muscle car his agency has been hunting suddenly appeared going the opposite direction. The guy was already speeding and as he slowed while approaching the still red light, he knew what he had to do.

Trooper Robinson also realized who drove within just feet of his patrol car. That’s probably the closest a law enforcement agent has been to the infamous Blackout Charger. Before you think that the trooper might have gotten a good look at the guy, we can hear in the video as he tells dispatch the suspect’s car has heavy window tinting, so no such luck.

Like the other times, the trooper puts in a valiant effort considering he’s completely outgunned and just stands no chance. As the suspect reaches the highway and floors it, his taillights start to disappear and when he shuts off all his lights, his Mopar becomes invisible.

Unfortunately, Trooper Robinson also has to deal with drivers who don’t pull to the right when they hear his sirens and see his emergency lights strobing. This seems to be a growing problem in a lot of areas, something we’re sure cops just love, not to mention fire fighters and ambulance drivers.

After a while, Trooper Robinson realizes his chase is futile and he gives up, leaving the Blackout Charger with an undefeated record. This has got to make Arkansas State Police all the more determined to catch the guy, but unless the state signs off on new Hellcat Redeye patrol cars we’re not sure how that will happen.

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  1. 2
    MM in Havasu

    Give the ASP the tool they need to chase this guy down…..a redeye Hellcat Charger with an oversized fuel tank(they burn a ton of fuel under load)and an overdriven blower on it.
    Some high performance driving lessons might be in order as well, along with Z-rated tires to handle high speed pursuits.

  2. 3
    George F mcmahon

    The Trooper was more dangerous than the guy in he hell cat at some part the trooper wwas at over 130 mph There is no reason for such a high speed chase when trooper had no cause to know a crime had been committed beyond speeding maybe

  3. 5

    Give em Hell Blackout Charger!!! LMAO!!!
    Many years ago I had a xs Eleven that could outrun the Louisiana State Troopers and did so!!
    Just don’t push your luck👍👍👍!!

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