Don’t Walk Away From A Car Crash

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This driver shows why it’s such a bad idea…

If you’re ever involved in a car crash, the worst thing you can do is leave the scene. In some states you’ll notice there are signs that say minor crashes on freeways should be handled by getting off at the nearest exit, but this driver who was involved in a serious one-vehicle crash just walked away, leaving her car to catch fire and cause an even bigger situation.

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The whole thing started as the driver of this red car tried merging onto the freeway. For no apparent reason, the driver loses control before getting up to freeway speeds, swerving into the wall on the right shoulder before strafing across the lanes to hit the median wall as well.

Even though the car was pretty smashed up in the front, the driver’s cell is well-preserved, so hats off to safety engineers for that. The driver decided to not stay in the vehicle, a choice people debate about all the time. Safety experts recommend you stay strapped into a disabled car after a crash since a secondary accident is possible. If you’re outside of the vehicle at the time, you could easily be killed.

However, in this case the vehicle catches fire just a few minutes after the crash. Had the driver stayed inside, she would’ve had to get out anyway. Instead, she just crossed all the lanes of traffic to the shoulder, then walked away from the accident area entirely. In most places, that would be considered fleeing the scene, which can be a criminal offense.

Some people think the driver displayed signs of intoxication, including the unsteady way she was walking and the fact she crashed for no apparent reason. We can’t say for sure, but it’s a possibility. What’s also possible is that she was so fazed from the crash that she wasn’t thinking straight. Adrenaline can do funny things to a person. Unfortunately, she might have been seriously injured and authorities had to hunt to find her, which could’ve been incredibly dangerous for her. This is why everyone needs the reminder that no matter what, you shouldn’t just walk away from the scene of a car crash.

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