Watch A Dodge Challenger Get Stolen With Ease

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Thieves want your ride, especially if you drive a Mopar muscle car, and they can get it easily. Footage from a car dealership in Michigan shows suspects steal a Dodge Challenger parked on the lot with ease. It seems the thieves are getting far more skilled.

Guy wearing a straw hat rappelled into a dealership to steal cars.

The footage, released by the Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office, shows the lot at Safeway Automotive in Ashland Township in the early morning hours of December 5. Even though a fair number of cars drive right by the suspects on the nearby road, these car thieves seem completely unfazed.

Not surprisingly, they arrive in a Dodge Charger that’s likely stolen. It’s definitely a Hemi but they’re not concerned about the noise since nobody’s home at Safeway Automotive. Instead, they’re worried about the visuals, so they shut off the lights, allowing the Mopar to blend in with the other cars parked on the lot. They’ve also shut off the Charger’s dome lights so those don’t turn on when they get out of the car.

They seem to know exactly which car they want to boost, so this was likely planned. Two guys get out and from the looks of it they’re wearing the telltale hoodies we constantly see, and probably ski masks we can’t make out. After hiding as a car drives by, they pop up and gracefully bust out a window, gaining entry.

While their method of getting into the Challenger isn’t admirable, we don’t get to see the rest of the theft. For some reason the sheriff’s office didn’t want to share that part with the public and we have to wonder why? Not that we suspect some grand conspiracy, just that it would’ve been interesting to see how long it took these two crack car thieves hack the ignition and get the Dodge started.

From what we’ve seen in many Dodge theft videos, some of these guys can hack the ignition in seconds. Others take several minutes. We’re guessing these guys probably took longer because their more skilled peers can get into a Mopar without busting out the window.

Your best bet for stopping car thieves, especially low-skilled ones like these two, is aftermarket security devices. We’re not talking a club steering wheel lock or those ridiculous pedal lock systems. Go with something electronic and not Mopar – that will throw a curve ball they might not be able to handle.

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