Stolen Ford Mustang GT Gives Cops A Run For Their Money

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Ultimately, driving skill decided this contest.

A lot of inexperienced drivers think the car is what makes the difference in races. That’s true if you’re dealing with drivers of similar skill, something you see clearly in race series where everyone is driving the same spec. But when it comes to police chases, there’s usually a mismatch of vehicles and skill, with both clearly on display in this video of a suspect in a stolen Ford Mustang GT being pursued by an Arkansas State Police trooper in a Dodge Charger.

Watch an Infiniti driver absolutely school the cops with superior driving skills here.

Originally, this stolen American muscle car was being chased down by Conway Police Department, but the driver was giving them fits so they asked ASP for help. The decision was for Trooper K. Dumont to lead the chase when it came to a designated point and it’s easy to see why.

Trooper Dumont keeps her cool and stays on the Mustang GT like white on rice. Her Charger is clearly outgunned by the Coyote 5.0-liter V8, yet she’s able to trail right behind the suspect, waiting for him to make a stupid move.

As she whips through turns, you can see a sticky note on the dash slide from side to side. It really helps demonstrate just how quickly Trooper Dumont is going since there aren’t any telematics in the dashcam footage.

When Trooper Dumont is given the go-ahead to put the suspect into the ditch on the side of the road, she makes her move suddenly and decisively. But the suspect drops the hammer and pulls away, likely knowing how a PIT is done.

Ultimately, the suspect gets swarmed at an intersection. Likely not anticipating such a move, he panics and Trooper Dumont PITs him hard, bringing the chase to an end. The best part is how the guy comes out of the Ford wearing gloves, a hat, and a bandana over his face like he’s some sort of bandit. Perhaps that’s how a lot of car thieves live with themselves.

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