Homicide Suspect Goes With A Distinct Paint Job

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Dashcam footage out of Milwaukee of police chasing a homicide suspect shows a classic mistake so many criminals make. In our highly individualistic society, people like to personalize their vehicle in some pretty crazy ways, not to mention dye their hair all kinds of psychedelic shades, all to get attention. However, if you’re going to commit a crime, perhaps you should try to keep a lower profile.

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The homicide suspect in question has a Chevy S10, which 20 years ago was a super common ride but even today isn’t all that unusual to see on the road. Instead of just keeping it silver, he decided to give the front end a rattle can black paint job, making it perhaps the only two-tone S10 for hundreds of miles.

Some readers might worry we’re giving tips to criminals. Really, they need to relax because the vast majority of guys out there committing homicides and such are dumb as hell. We doubt they could read this far in the article, let alone understand what we’re saying. Plus, they’re too busy working on their “rap career” or some other dead-end endeavor.

Anyway, like a real dummy, this guy decides he’s going to use his Chevy S10 to outrun the cops. And while he does push it to about 119 mph during the chase, once he stops trying to lose them on surface streets and takes to the highway. Considering most police cruisers are limited to 130 mph that’s a valiant effort, but it falls short of leaving the cops in your dust.

However, the police couldn’t quite PIT the guy for reasons unsaid. Instead, backup ahead deployed a Stop Stick, but at the first deployment, the suspect veered toward the officer, who was just standing next to his cruiser on a bare island, making him essentially a sitting duck for someone who allegedly had already killed another human. Thankfully one of the tires was deflated and eventually, the suspect gave up. Then he had the gall to tell police they didn’t need to cuff him as if he weren’t dangerous.

Like we said, not the sharpest stick in the bundle.

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