Suspect In Dodge Charger Can Barely Keep It Under Control In Wild Police Chase

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Some guys think just because they have a fast, powerful car they can automatically smoke cops. While they might have a superior machine at their disposal, most people don’t know how to drive a real muscle car hard effectively, just like this guy in his black Dodge Charger.

This is why cops can’t catch Hellcats.

An Arkansas trooper pulls behind the Mopar muscle car at a stop light and everything seems fine until the light turns and our suspect makes it super obvious he’s trying to get out of view of the trooper, going from the left lane to the right lane and into a parking lot in a hurry.

We don’t know why this guy was nervous to have a cop behind him, we’re assuming he had a record and was doing some illegal things, but that information has been redacted from the trooper’s report.

Anyway, the trooper of course follows and tries doing a traffic stop, but the suspect decides to drop the hammer and run instead. Right out of the gate, the guy spins his Charger out, showing he clearly doesn’t know how to handle all that power in a rear-wheel-drive layout.

Instead of just stopping there, he burns rubber again and takes off – bad idea.

With such horrendous driving skills, combined with high speeds in traffic, it’s a recipe for disaster. And that’s exactly what happens. But first, the guy spins his own car out again trying to make a left turn (showing again how bad he is at driving), the trooper makes contact with his push bar, then the chase continues.

Right as he gets on the highway, the guy puts the Dodge underneath a semi-truck’s trailer, gets dragged, somehow gets free of the semi, then gets pitted by the trooper, and he bails from the car. After rolling on the asphalt, the guy takes off on foot.

He got away, but what you don’t see in the footage is that he committed a burglary at a house but was caught not too long after by local police.

We haven’t seen this bad of driving in a while.

Image via Natural State Transparency/YouTube

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