Dodge Charger Crabbing Freaks People Out

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A video is making the rounds on social media showing a modern Dodge Charger crabbing on the highway We’ve shared a Facebook Reel of it so you can behold what some people say is “freaky” or “weird.” We guess everyone around where these social media people live and work keep their rides perfectly aligned.

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For the rest of us who touch grass and have seen the world, this might not be an entirely new sight. Yeah, this is some pretty gnarly crabbing, but we’ve beheld this bad or maybe even a little worse before.

Some people seem to think the video has been manipulated somehow. Yeah, we get it, in this day and age of deepfakes and such you’re wise to be suspicious about what your own lying eyes tell you. But this video is most likely not manipulated at all.

You see, keeping your car alignment in check is an essential part of not only ensuring tire tread wear is consistent, but also to prevent stuff like this. It’s also likely the wheels on this Mopar are curb rashed big time.

While it’s possible to have the alignment go out to the point your ride crabs like this as you’re driving down the highway simply by just not taking care of it, the even more likely scenario is that someone hit a curb. Or did a lot of hard launches. Or abused this vehicle in other ways we won’t speak of. Or all of the above.

So now the alignment is so bad that for the car to drive straight-ish it has to be pointed at an angle, at least as far as the body is concerned. You’ll note the wheels aren’t lined up with the body panels in the rear. Since this Dodge doesn’t have four-wheel steering, that never should be the case.

In most areas, driving around like this will earn you a nice little ticket. It’s dangerous and really this Charger should be taking a ride on a wrecker to a shop where whatever’s wrong is fixed. But there are some people who think it’s no big deal, funny, or they’re just super unaware of everything on their vehicle and so they just drive like this. Don’t do that.

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