Infiniti Crabs On The Road Like A Pro

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A lot of people don’t pay attention to their car’s tires, even though they’re one of the most important pieces of performance equipment you can buy. For those who do, they’ll notice early on if something isn’t right with their vehicle’s alignment thanks to uneven tread wear. Then there’s this guy driving an Infiniti as it’s crabbing so hard the tires are scrubbing and even chirping!

Watch an Infiniti driver pull some incredibly fancy moves on the police here.

Even though this video was uploaded back in 2009, it’s only racked up 7,800 views. Sure, we’ve seen other videos where a car or truck is crabbing so bad the back end is at an even crazier oblique angle. But never before have we seen one where the tires are obviously fighting the forward momentum of the vehicle so hard.

Just how long before those tires are down to the steel belts? Will the driver even notice? Does his dog also constantly wail for attention but he just doesn’t hear it?

How anyone could be so oblivious to this kind of a problem with their ride is just beyond us. They have to know there’s a huge problem with their car, so either they don’t care or they don’t realize just how much damage they could be doing. Not to mention, if they need to take sudden evasive action because of an accident, etc. they’re toast.

We know some people like to call crabbing “dog tracking” or other things. If you want to call it that then it’s your right. But we think everyone can agree that whatever you call it, having a car that’s doing it is never a good thing and should be addressed instead of ignored. Hopefully someone told this guy in in the Infiniti because he doesn’t seem to get it at all.

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