Even Criminals Can’t Handle Roundabouts

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Roundabouts are such simple things, and yet drivers here in the US seem to really struggle with them. Why exactly that is remains a subject of great debate. However, we can tell you they seem to be quite effective at stopping criminals who are fleeing from police, so maybe they’re not all bad.

See the dirty underbelly of Swedish street racing here.

A video recently uploaded to YouTube shows a suspect in a Dodge Charger get into a scuffle with a state trooper before fleeing the scene at speeds up to 118 mph. Even though he only had two narrow lanes of traffic to navigate, the guy got creative and daring, blasting onto the shoulder and even lane splitting with the four-door Mopar.

Before you start thinking the guy was a skilled wheelman and that’s why he could pull off those kinds of maneuvers, the mighty roundabout takes him down without so much as a struggle.

We can’t quite figure out why the suspect drives into the roundabout and then instead of turning slightly to follow the curvature of the road, he just keeps going straight, rocketing off the road and into a fence. And here we thought such driving was reserved only for people who think what’s going on with their phone is more important than paying attention to the road.

The guy didn’t seem to be hurt since he just jumped out of the Charger and ran while carrying a bag, so he didn’t crash because he had a heart attack or something like that. It would’ve made more sense had he suffered a medical episode, so the only explanation we’re left with is he was going to fast entering the roundabout and couldn’t stick the turn. Let that be a lesson to all of you: roundabouts might be annoying, but they stop fleeing criminals effectively.

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