Hellcat Hydroplanes Into A Truck

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Some people get really offended whenever they hear someone say that not everyone should drive a powerful car. Considering all the dumb things we see other drivers doing on the road, we actually tend to agree with that. This video of a guy hydroplaning while punching it in in Dodge Charger Hellcat clearly demonstrates some people don’t understand how to handle these machines.

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In the video, you see from the rather young driver’s point of view him pulling up to the red light, turning right, then punching it on a public road. Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal as long as the guy is adhering more or less to the speed limit. But notice how it’s raining and there’s water accumulating on the pavement.

Someone who has experience driving high-powered, rear-wheel-drive cars like Hellcats in weather conditions like this know immediately one should proceed with caution. Big power gives you a lot of rope to hang yourself, which is exactly what this kid does.

You can hear that blower whine as he rockets towards a particular stretch of road where anyone can clearly see standing water. Yet he pains zero attention and acts shocked when he suddenly loses steering control.

The ending is painful with the Hellcat veering into oncoming traffic, thankfully missing those cars before that sickly crunch as it hits and goes right over the curb. As the muscle car slams nose-to-nose with a parked pickup, the airbags deploy and perhaps in that moment this kid realizes he screwed up big time. The thing is it was a little too late.

We’ve seen situations like this in person way too many times. It’s often a younger kid with a high-powered vehicle who thought they could just drop the hammer whenever they damn well pleased without any consequences. While such cars are fun, drivers must respect the incredible power at their disposal and realize that in less-than-ideal conditions they need to reign it in. This kid is lucky to have walked away from the crash, because others weren’t so fortunate.

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