This Is Perhaps The Most Perfect Police PIT Ever

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Depending on the department, cops train on PIT maneuvers and other TVI tactics in the academy and maybe every few months or years using a simulated exercise. Those PITs are usually textbook examples, but we know the real world can be quite different with all the unpredictable elements of a real pursuit. but this police PIT out of Forsyth County, Georgia might be the most perfect one executed outside of a training.

Watch a fleeing suspect PIT himself.

While the PIT that comes later is definitely a thing of beauty, this whole chase didn’t start out so smoothly. After a concerned citizen called the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office to report a reckless Dodge Charger driver throw a suspicious bag from his window, deputies went to check it out since the Mopar fit the description of a getaway car used in several thefts.

It didn’t take deputies long to find the Charger and they performed a stop in a retail parking lot. However, as all four suspects got out of the vehicle, the two deputies ordered them to sit back in the muscle car. That was their first big mistake.

Once back inside, the driver decided he could dust the cops and he did, using the Mopar’s superior power to dash away with vigor. He got to the road, took off like a bat out of hell, made a turn, and the for some reason just slowed down to almost a crawl. Did he think he was blending in? Did he believe deputies didn’t see that he turned onto that street? We know criminals are often dumb but this is one of the most boneheaded moves we’ve seen in some time.

Capitalizing on his luck, the lead deputy immediately sets up and executes a beautiful PIT, spinning the Charger almost a full 360 degrees. The deputy doesn’t take any chances and starts pushing the suspect’s Mopar sideways as the other deputy hems it in from behind.

But even with that near-perfect PIT and pin, the driver still tries taking off, so one of the deputies takes out his baton and starts smashing the window. A second pinning does the job and this determined driver finally realizes he’s not going anywhere.

Do you think this is the most beautiful PIT maneuver executed in a real police pursuit? Watch it for yourself.

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