Arkansas Cop PITs Infiniti Hard

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Dashcam footage shows a driver in an Infiniti G35 sedan unsuccessfully running from an Arkansas State Police trooper on a dirt road. While the video doesn’t start with the initial chase, it does show the Infiniti fishtailing on a dirt road as the driver obviously thinks the best way to deal with the rear-wheel-drive sedan is to just slam on the accelerator as hard as possible.

Watch the infamous Blackout Charger smoke Arkansas State Police yet again here.

We’ve seen Arkansas State Police go hard against fleeing criminals time and again, so we’re really not sure why anyone in that state tries running away. Sure, there’s the infamous Blackout Charger who keeps getting away from troopers, but he’s an outlier. This person was obviously woefully unprepared to make a run for it and they paid dearly.

As Trooper Blake Irvin effortlessly catches up with the suspect, he puts himself into the perfect position to PIT the Infiniti hard. Instead of holding back, he lets the fleeing car have it, spinning it around like a record player and leaving the ride a smoldering heap unable to run anymore as it slammed into the tree line. We’ve seen few PIT maneuvers performed more flawlessly than that.

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Even after the crash, the two suspects in the car hadn’t learned their lesson. It came out one was a juvenile and one wasn’t (but he looks like he’s just barely a legal adult) and they wouldn’t tell Trooper Irvin who was driving the car. Again, why these people think they’re being smart and original playing these sorts of games with law enforcement is beyond us, but they do.

This video shows succinctly how a cop who’s practiced PIT maneuvers and is in a jurisdiction where they’re not overly restricted can bring a chase to a close quickly. Had he not been able to spin the other vehicle out, Trooper Irvin might have been pursuing these suspects through busy roads and intersections for some time, putting countless innocent people at risk.

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