Blackout Dodge Charger Smokes Arkansas Police Yet Again

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A few times we’ve covered how some mystery man in a black Dodge Charger has been giving the slip repeatedly to Arkansas State Police. There have been too many attempts to pull this guy over, with each trooper getting smoked pretty quickly in their attempt at pursuit. The most recent and probably most pathetic example just surfaced, which is something to behold.

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This time it was poor Arkansas State Trooper Ethan Carlton who spotted the infamous Mopar muscle car as he himself sat blacked out on the median of a rural highway.

We don’t know if the trooper was looking specifically for this Charger, although that would be hard to believe. If Arkansas State Police had any idea of where this guy was going to be, they’d have multiple troopers, Stop Sticks, and maybe a helicopter ready to go since this Dodge driver has embarrassed them far too much.

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Upon recognizing the Blackout Charger as it travels in the opposite direction, Trooper Carlton turns on his lights and turns around to catch up with it. Even without his emergency lights on, the trooper’s vehicle is easily identified by other drivers who quickly pull out of the left lane to let him through as he goes well over 100 mph to catch up with the Dodge.

The infamous driver is cruising along at just under 100 mph when the trooper catches up. After pulling the signal fake-out to make his pursuer think he’s pulling over, the suspect drops the hammer and the chase is on, albeit briefly. In just 3 seconds the guy shuts off all his Mopar’s lights as he pulls away effortlessly. Trooper Carlton keeps up the chase for a few minutes after that, but he has no hope of catching up with the Blackout Dodge Charger as it slips away into the night.

Check out the video for yourself.

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