Camaro Smokes Arkansas State Police

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As we’ve said repeatedly, we don’t recommend anyone runs from the cops, however it is impressive to see a Chevy Camaro owner smoke Arkansas State Police. In a dashcam video released to the public, we see the speeding muscle car fly past where a trooper is stationed at the side of highway, triggering the pursuit.

Watch a Dodge Charger driver give Arkansas State Police the slip here.

Over and over we’ve seen Arkansas State Police catch up with much faster vehicles than their cruisers, so normally we’d think the trooper had the upper hand here. In most of the other chases we’ve seen, the suspects have been amateur drivers, making all kinds of rookie mistakes while running from the cops. This guy is much, much better at driving and obviously knows his Camaro quite well.

We see this suspect adeptly thread the needle through some fairly heavy traffic at times. The trooper doesn’t give up easily, using on/off ramps and even the right shoulder to not get hung up in the congestion. This is a real cat and mouse chase, making it interesting to watch unfold.

Eventually, the trooper catches up to the suspect and stays right behind as the Camaro starts pushing to higher and higher speeds. We’re not sure if the suspect realizes what he’s doing, but he goes beyond what the pursuing trooper can do and the gap between the two cars widens substantially.

This isn’t us giving pointers to anyone who’s looking to run from the law. In some areas, we know law enforcement has some very capable high-speed pursuit vehicles as well as helicopters. Plus, they have a network of officers/troopers/deputies to track you down. Even if they can’t catch you at first, you might be in for a rude awakening later.

This guy, however, is able to make it across the state line and into Memphis. However, he might not get off Scott free since it looks like the license plate was visible, unless of course the Camaro was stolen.

Watch the chase for yourself.

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