Infiniti Driver Pulls Some Fancy Moves On The Cops

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We have no idea what the driver of this Infiniti G37 did to get the attention of Arkansas State Police, but we do know he has some pretty good skills. In the included dashcam video, we can see a trooper who might be behind one of the fabled Scat Pack patrol vehicles gives chase. Outgunned, the guy uses the best tool he has: superior driving skills. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn he has experience running from the cops.

Watch Ohio State Police use Stop Sticks on a fleeing Dodge Hellcat here.

The clue that this trooper is behind the wheel of a Scat Pack and not just a regular Hemi-powered Dodge Charger Pursuit is that he pushes all the way to 150 mph during this chase. That’s probably why he jumped into the pursuit after other officers/troopers couldn’t keep up with the Infiniti.

To reach the suspect, the trooper drives at 130-plus mph but for whatever reason doesn’t appear to have his emergency lights on. A lot of people are angry he drove like that through an active construction zone and it’s understandable why. However, we simply don’t know why authorities were chasing this suspect. After all, they pursue him over the state line into Tennessee, so perhaps he did more than just go too fast on the highway?

Whatever the guy in the G37 did, he knows a thing or two about ditching the cops. When the trooper pulls up to his back corner and tries doing a PIT at around 110 mph (which we know usually doesn’t end well for anyone) the Infiniti driver swerves just in time to avoid contact. He continues changing his position just enough so the trooper can’t get a lock on him again.

This suspect also uses off-ramps, gore points, and traffic to his absolute advantage. When the more powerful Charger Scat Pack still runs him down after they cross the bridge into Memphis, he pulls one hell of a drift 180 at a merge point and starts running against the flow of traffic, a move which looks like it belongs in a movie. And that’s enough for the Infiniti to slip away into the night. Remember, before you start cheering this guy on, for all you know he killed someone or did something else violent and awful. But you can still admire those wheel skills.

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