Watch Florida Cops Swarm This Hyundai

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Don’t deal drugs, kiddies!

Back in the day when Miami Vice was still lingering in everyone’s minds our image of a drug dealer was someone who was cruising around in at least a decently fast car. We’re talking at minimum a BMW 7 Series if not a Corvette or something even hotter. Perhaps we just didn’t know many (or any) drug dealers, because we keep seeing these people hauling around large drug stashes in absolute hoopties.

Watch police ambush a stolen Dodge Hellcat here.

Take, for example, this Hyundai that was pursued by Florida Highway Patrol back in the middle of April this year. Another law enforcement agency in the state got intelligence that the subcompact car was loaded with quite a bit of meth, so FHP did its thing and absolutely swarmed it.

Maybe these drug dealers/traffickers think the cops are looking for fast cars like Dodge Hellcats and Chevy Camaros, so they choose something to “blend in.” Sure, there are tons of these Hyundais all over the place, mostly driven by poor college students or bitter middle-aged divorcees.

But, when they get fingered, the drug dealer/trafficker is at a big disadvantage is such a gutless hooptie. Not that we’re trying to give tips to criminals, but if we were engaging in such activity (and we wouldn’t because drugs are horrible) we would at minimum do like the old moonshine runners and make our car a total sleeper.

Maybe squeezing a real engine, that is a V8, under the hood of that crappy little Hyundai isn’t possible. But we would do what we could or find another pedestrian-looking vehicle that could be modified into something truly fast. As you’ll see in this video, with a whopping 140-horsepower or whatever the four-banger gerbil mill puts out, these guys are sitting ducks for FHP as they get swarmed like Winnie the Pooh trying to raid the beehive.

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